Marketing Consulting

Want to uncomplicate your marketing? You’ll get shown how to pull everything together, no more courses or programs that teach to the top level, but instead you’ll put it all into practice and and more!

Marketing Consulting

Wait, there’s options?

Yep, there is! When it comes to the consulting, there’s three different options, and honestly depends on what you’re needing!

JUST A LITTLE: If you want to feel in-control of your marketing and action those tasks you’ve been putting off? And get access to a 1:1 with Carly (for 15 minutes each month) then this is it! Click here to get started.

A LITTLE MORE, PLEASE: Sometimes, you want a little more (and I totally get that!) You’ll have a 45 minute 1:1 call with Carly every month, and be in a private WhatsApp chat! As well as everything in the usual option. Interested? Limited spaces are available each month, so secure yours here.

ONGOING, BUT MORE: Sometimes, we want more and this is where you can have me in your biz on an ongoing basis to assist with your marketing. It’s perfect for those who still want to do the marketing themselves, but love a good hand-holding, accountability dose. I’ll be your Online Marketing Manager and create your strategy, and analyse your data so we can make strategic moves in your biz.

If you think that sounds amazing, well, pricing starts from $990/month. It will allow you to reduce the overwhelm and build the right marketing foundations for your business, learn marketing strategies that resonate with your unique brand, and, most importantly, find ease within it (and maybe some fun!) .

Book in a call to get started.

Want to chat to find out if we vibe?

Not going to lie, I love a chat, so I am definitely down for one. PLUS it can sometimes just help to make sure we’re on the same page. Once you fill in the form, I’ll be in touch within 24-48hrs.
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