Done in a Day

Procrastinating on those tasks that you know you need to do, but you just keep pushing to the side isn’t ideal. Because usually they are the needle-moving-forward tasks. Why not hand them on over to me, and let me do them?

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Done in a Day

What can be done, in a day?

Well, for starters a lot. BUT specifically for this, we will be focusing on two main options, both of which are needle-moving-forward things that are probably niggling on your to do list. So let’s get them off the to do list and marked as a “done” by 3pm on your chosen day!

Planning and Mapping of Your Next Epic Idea

Want to plan something epic, but just not sure how to strategise it? That’s where I come in! I will map out for you (after a call) and hand over your to do list by the end of the day!

It’s the perfect way to change up how you’ve always done content and do something different, something bold and out there, that will get attention!

But how does it all work?

  • STEP 1: After purchase, you’ll get an email with a calendar booking link - so you can book in your day (allow for a 2hr call) and then shortly after your notion hub will be set up and shared with you. This is where your questionnaire will live.
  • STEP 2: The day will begin at 9am AEST sharp, with you and me in a meeting. This is a very collaborative process, so be sure to come prepared to engage in a lengthy discussion. We will come up with the ideas behind your campaign and come up with your big idea.
  • STEP 3: We’ll say ‘bye’ and end the call. I will then write up your action plan, based on what we discussed. This is all being mapped out in your notion hub, as a simple to go through to-do list and will include key dates for you, so that everything is done on time, and you’re not scrambling at the last minute to get things done. You’ll receive this by 3pm AEST.
  • STEP 4: Your action plan will include a video, watch this and let me know any questions you have within the next 7 days.
    Note: This option does not include content creation or additional support, however can be added on.

    Investment: $1750 (one-off payment, includes gst)

Automations for Your Email Marketing

This is often the place where so many come unstuck, they know they should have an email sequence to welcome new customers or clients onto their list, or one that comes off the download from a lead magnet, but sometimes this task get thrown into the too- hard-basket because there’s so many other things to do when you run your own business.

That’s where I come in and get it all done and dusted for you, in a day, with a maximum of 5 emails in the sequence. This can be done on ANY email marketing platform.

  • STEP 1: After purchase, you’ll receive a questionnaire, asking you all the things that I need to know before your day. If I have any questions, these will be sent via email.
  • STEP 2: The day will begin at 9am AEST sharp with a quick 30min meeting. This will be to ensure everything that I need to know is there, nothing has changed and to get a quick feel for your tone of voice (and overall vibes).
  • STEP 3: I will map out the automation and email this over to you for viewing. This does not need to be approved, however if you do have any questions, this is your moment to ask and clarify!
  • STEP 4: I will then write the emails and schedule them all in. Once the automation is complete you will receive an email from me, outlining that they are on their way and what you need to review within them. One by one they’ll come through by 1pm AEST.
  • STEP 5: If there are any edits, forward the individual email with the edits in the reply. This allows for a easy editing process. Any edits need to be received by 2pm AEST for them to made and finalised.
  • STEP 6: All edits are made (if needed) and the final testing is complete. Your automation is live and ready by 3pm AEST.

    Investment: $1750 (one-off payment, includes gst)

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