Sort your marketing with an audit and mini strategy

Don’t roll the dice and play stupid games with your marketing, hoping that you’ll ‘win’ - instead find out what’s working, what’s not and get the knowledge on how to change it!

Say BYE to Marketing Overwhelm!
Sort your marketing with an audit and mini strategy

Is this what you need?

This is perfect for any business owner. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been deep in the trenches for years - everyone can benefit from the perspective of someone (like me) who lives and breathes marketing on a daily basis.

If you’ve been having low engagement or conversion rates, feeling like the messaging isn’t clear and questioning if your ideal audience even know you exist and you want to be told what’s working and what’s not, this is for you!

But you’ll only see the benefit of this if you plan to implement the changes. Are you ready for that?

What’s included?

AUDIT: A deep dive into your social media (yes, both organic and paid if you want), email marketing, website, and overall messaging. Nothing is left to the what ifs.

MINI STRATEGY: An easy-to-read (and understand) plan for your marketing, that breaks down:
+ The Why: The goals that we’re working towards and the metrics that show why we are choosing those goals
+ The What: A messaging strategy that hits diffferent
+ The When, Where, and How: A manageable marketing plan that you can actually follow

JUST FOR YOU VIDEO: I’ll walk you through your audit and strategy, explaining everything that way you have no questions.

NOTION HUB: Everything will live in your notion hub, from the quetionnaire that you fill in to the audit and strategy, that way you can access at any time! (ps. Notion is totally free too!)

What to expect?

After you purchase your Audit & Mini Strategy, you’ll receive your Notion Hub within 24hrs (unless you purchase on the weekend) and this will house your questionnaire and how to guide on sharing analytics with me. Once you fill those in, you’ll have your Audit & Mini Strategy back in your hands within a week!

But let’s get into what else you can expect::

+ CLARITY: You’ll get a strategy that will give you the clarity (and direction) you’ve been craving.

+ JUST YOURS: There’s nothing ever cookie-cutter that I do when it comes to strategy, so this is just yours and your businesses - no one elses!

+ SIMPLICITY: A strategy can be overwhelming at times, but not this one! It’s easy to read and understand, and only has the important to you information.

Ready to transform your marketing?

No more winging it and hoping for the best, instead let’s get you a clear plan for you and your business that will be completed in less than a week! Are you ready?
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