Uncomplicate your marketing with your very own Online Marketing Manager

Wanting to get results from your marketing but feeling stuck where you’re currently at? By having me as your very own Online Marketing Manager, that stuck feeling will disappear. I’ll be there holding your hand and helping you to achieve your marketing (and business) goals without the overwhelmed feeling. Let’s make your marketing work for you, not the other way around!

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Uncomplicate your marketing with your very own Online Marketing Manager

Stop the juggle, no more lack of direction or shitty results

Marketing doesn’t have to feel hard and you can be getting the results that you dream of - you know where you wake up and you have notifications of purchases and your days feel slow and filled with the things you love doing. And when bringing in someone to help you, it doesn’t have to mean that you lose your voice!

If you’re lacking direction, feeling overwhelmed by everything marketing you need to do and get done, and using strategies that others said worked for them but they aren’t working for you, then this is what you need!

I get it, you still want to add your own touch to your marketing and write the copy, create the visuals, BUT you just need someone to give you the strategy and bounce all the ideas around with, and that’s where I come in!

The minute I get on a call with you, I will already be thinking of what we could create next!

Ready to get your marketing done (with some hand-holding and support - plus a whole lot of fun and laughter)?
Yes! I'm in!

Are we a vibe and you want to go steady?

If you’ve gotten this far and are thinking ‘YES! I WANT YOU IN MY BIZ’ well, yay, but first, let’s do these few things yeah?

Step 1

Book in the call. It’s super important that we vibe, and the best way to check this is with an actual call - ideally on zoom. Come to the call with all your questions, and I will answer them!

Step 2

You will then have a proposal created for you! This will be based on our chat, and it will give you options of how we could proceed - because it’s important to have them so you can weigh up what’s going to work best for you, and your biz.

Step 3

You’re in? YAY! Your agreement, invoice and all your onboarding bits and pieces will be landing in your inbox within the next few hours. It’s super important that you fill in the questionnaire within 3 days, so everything can get started.

Step 4

It’s time to get started. Our first month is really a month full of prep work. We’re laying down those strong AF foundations, and I’m getting to know you and your biz. Because I will treat your biz like it’s my own!

Step 5

We are a dream team, you and me. We find the rhythm and flow and things hit their groove. You no longer have to worry about your marketing - because you’ve got me - in your back pocket - just a WhatsApp message or email away.

Want to chat to find out if we vibe?

Not going to lie, I love a chat, so I am definitely down for one. PLUS it can sometimes just help to make sure we’re on the same page. Find a time and day that suits you and let’s get ready to go steady - I’m totally ready for it!
Let’s Get Graceful